Premiere Elements Oveview

Last week, I had the honor of participating in a session on Premiere Elements taught by fellow Adobe Education Leader Sara Martin. She inspired me to further investigate this tool. Some of the ideas in this post came from her examples. As readers of this blog may recall, I am gradually learning how to use and employ video. I personally believe video if the language of the 21st century (especially as it relates to teaching and learning). I thought it might be appropriate to use some of the video I have generated in Photoshop (as a series of time lapse recordings) in Premiere Elements. Let’s see what was involved in my initial work with this tool. Read more »

Windows 10 First Look

I recently installed Windows 10 Technical Preview in a virtual region on one of my computers (using VirtualBox).  I thought readers might be interested in my first impressions of this operating system. The abridged version is – I like it. To me, this is what Windows 8 should have been (ok, Windows 8.1 at least). Let me add in a few screen captures and more details (for those who are interested). Read more »

Latest Adobe apps

A large number of enhancements were featured in the initial keynote at AdobeMAX on Monday, October 6. Since there were such a large number of enhancements and new features, I thought I would focus on the mobile apps [there were a number of new apps (and enhancements to existing apps)]. Readers of this blog (and those who know me), know that I am a firm believer that tablets and smartphones are content creation devices (in addition to devices which consume content). Just think of all the photos and recordings taken with smartphones over the past few years. That being said, these devices have a lot more potential than just being cameras. One can use the camera for many creative endeavors. Many of the apps released by Adobe on Monday demonstrate this capability. I am particularly impressed that they work well with the desktop applications many have been using for years (such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere). Read more »

iOS 8 thoughts

As many readers know, I have a number of Apple devices (in addition to Android devices and Windows devices). Apple recently released iOS 8 and I thought it might be appropriate to share some of my experiences. I know many others have also reported on similar issues. This is also my attempt to determine whether others have experienced the issues I have experienced. I am really seeking feedback. For those who only want the Cliff Notes (short) version- I would hold off on upgrading any critical device (like a phone) until there is a solid track record that the latest updates won’t break anything. I have installed it on a couple of iPads, but that is all. Let’s see why I recommend holding off. Read more »


Periodically, I come across something unexpected while searching for resources for my classes. I have been testing out one such app (iPad only – sorry Android). It is called Project Luca. I thought it might be worth mentioning this to others. I have plans to incorporate this into our CMWEB 115 class (Writing for the WWW). Let’s first examine the output. I put together a quick article describing the National Web Design Contest held in Kansas City in June, 2014. This was created on my iPad in under an hour. Note the effects one can employ when including images (how they move relative to the rest of the page). Yes, you do have to apply to gain early access (readers of this weblog know I tend to be an early adopter). Let’s examine the iPad app in a bit more detail. Read more »

Photoshop Mix

At our September Web Professionals and Adobe User Group meeting, Brian Anderson gave an excellent presentation on his Raspberry Pi Bramble (clustered computers). After the meeting, we had a follow on discussion about the need to teach how to develop applications to run on multiple computers at once. We also discussed how this might be used in various applications. Of course, I neglected to mention one example where this already happens. I thought it might be appropriate to continue that discussion in this weblog post.

I previously reviewed the iPad app Photoshop Touch (Photoshop Touch cheat sheet) and (Photoshop Touch for iPhones). There is another interesting app – Photoshop Mix which also runs on the iPad. Photoshop Touch allows one to make a number of edits on an image using the local processor. As long as you are connected to a network, Photoshop Mix allows you to offload some of the processing to Adobe Creative Cloud servers. Enhancements (such as straighten, shake reduction, and content aware fill) require a significant amount of computer processing. Being able to use external servers is a significant “game changer” for image manipulation. Let’s take a look at Photoshop Mix is more detail. Read more »

upper Deck Railings

My son and I spent the majority of the weekend building custom railings for the upper deck on his house. I captured a series of time lapse photos (using my GoPro camera) and have created a couple of videos. I thought you might enjoy watching us work. I took the same 770+ photos and generated 2 separate videos. The first compresses the entire weekend into 1 minute. The second compresses it into 2 minutes (roughly). Yes, I chose different audio. Yes, I have the copyright to use this audio on the web.

I am curious which you prefer (the 1 minute or 2 minute version). Both versions were created using only Photoshop CC 2014. Read more »

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