Creating a new WordPress site

Some time ago, I posted basic information about securing your WordPress sites. Given that post has not been updated since 2012, I thought it was time. Rather than just re-hash the existing information, I decided to take a slightly different approach. I recently saw the need to create a new WordPress site and did so. I thought it might be helpful for readers of this weblog to review my thought processes as I developed the site.

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Professor – would you please do my work?

As we conclude this semester, I thought it might be appropriate to continue my discussion from the beginning of the semester (see Issues > Concerns > Problems). Frankly, I do not see the situation improving. Those reading this should pause and consider what they are asking in various classes. As a general rule, I do things for very specific reasons. Towards the end of the current semester, I was asked to provide a complete overview of the course by a student. Here is a slightly modified version of my response.

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2015 Illinois Web Design Contest – the code

I previously discussed the Illinois web design contest at a high level. I thought it would be important to also focus a bit on the code and related design aspects of the sites. Note that these comments are my own and do not represent the observations of any judges in this event).

In reviewing the code, I congratulate everyone in not having any “Untitled Document” pages. I also congratulate everyone on not trying to give the judges a virus. This is the second year in a row that we have not encountered any virus (yes, we did in almost every year in the 13 prior years). Now, let’s examine some of the more technical aspects of the entries submitted (as you may anticipate, I will not name specific teams nor will I share the content of any team submission as that would violate the rules of the competition). Read more »

2015 Illinois Web Design Contest

I had the great opportunity to supervise the Illinois Web Design contest in Springfield on April 23 – 24, 2015. As always, our contest focuses on

  • professionalism (we are after all),
  • current web design job skills,
  • and industry best practices to help students be better prepared to enter the workforce as web designers and developers.

Students also gain recognition for their efforts and personal satisfaction knowing they have done their best.

This represented the 15th (and last) year that I have run this competition. I am also involved with the national web design contest (held in Louisville, KY this June) and the international web design contest (held in São Paulo this August). Frankly, I lack the bandwidth to be heavily involved in all three levels. Therefore, Jon Worent will be taking over the Illinois web design contest in 2016. Read more »

What I like about Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe recently released a significant update to Acrobat. When I first opened the tool [viewing a PDF document], I saw the following (and felt a bit overwhelmed). Note the changes to the interface, particularly the options on the right for the given document.

View of a PDF document in Acrobat DC

Wow. There are a lot more options. As I started to investigate, I noted there is a tools tab (see above).  Read more »

Adobe Slate

Adobe recently released a new iPad only app focused on creating content. One can then view this content in browsers on any Internet connected device. The content is displayed in a manner appropriate for that device. The app is called Slate (I placed the logo below). The tag line “Make your words and images move” sums up the purpose of this app.

Adobe Slate Logo

In a nutshell, I find this app makes writing fun (and makes me want to write more and more about various topics). I find this app very easy to use. For those who create newsletters or need to publish announcements, this seems like an ideal app. There are a number of pre-built themes and most include various animation capabilities. Let’s investigate the app a bit more. Read more »

Adobe Comp CC

Adobe recently released a new app for the iPad – Comp CC. In many ways, this app reminds me of Adobe Proto. There are a number of differences. The most important is that one can create low fidelity wireframes or much more detailed mock-ups of a web site, print document or a mobile app. I do wish this was also available for Android devices. For those who do have an iPad, the download is free. You should see a screen like the following when you search for the app on the AppStore.

Adobe Comp CC in the AppStore

Once you open the app, you will be prompted to sign in with your Adobe id. This is a good idea as it allows you to upload your work via Adobe Creative Cloud and you can also work with your prototype in either Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. Let’s examine some of the basics of using this app.

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