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Any information collected on these pages is used exclusively for educational purposes only. One should note that this may include display of any postings to other students. If you have any concerns about privacy issues, you should contact me prior to posting the information. I will make a best case effort to protect privacy and confidentiality, but this effort is limited by my abilities and the abilities of the software – mistakes do happen. If in doubt, do not post confidential materials (for example trade secrets) on these pages (for example on a feedback form or a muddiest point entry or voting comment).

I participate in no privacy initiatives nor do I take any active steps to protect your privacy. In addition to collecting your comments, I may also review standard logs of access to these pages. This information is analyzed for administrative purposes only. For example, I need to know whether someone has tried (or succeeded) in breaching security associated with this site. I also may review logs to determine the best times to perform preventive maintenance and updates to the site.

I do have some pages which set cookies (as examples for various classes). It is up to you to modify your browser settings if you do not wish to accept these cookies. No other use is made of information stored in cookies than for educational purposes (principally so students in appropriate classes can understand the concept).

Please note that I do not guarantee that the above practices will never change nor that I might accidentally disclose something. I encourage you to take those actions you believe are appropriate to protect your privacy.

This privacy policy is modified from one of the better ones I am aware of on the Internet (in my opinion). If you want to examine that example, consult CaveBear.

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