Time [Fall, 2011 semester]

Those who take online only classes often find they spend much more time than they would in a traditional class. This is also true from a teaching perspective. Since I do require students in the CMWEB 260 internship class to track and report their time spent on projects, it seemed reasonable that I document this as well. I plan to report on a weekly basis the effort spent during the previous week. I always update this page at the end of each week.

Week beginning Dec. 11, 2011

Only 60 hours this last week of the semester

Week beginning Dec. 4, 2011

Over 72 hours worked this week.

Week beginning Nov. 27, 2011

Another very long week

Week beginning Nov. 20, 2011

First 40 hour week of semester

Week beginning Nov. 13, 2011

Nearly 2 weeks in one.

Week beginning Nov. 06, 2011

Another 70 hours week

Week beginning Oct. 30, 2011

Week of Oct. 30, 2011, spent over 65 hours

Week beginning Oct. 23, 2011

Another long week

Week beginning Oct. 16, 2011

Another 80 hour week

Week beginning Oct. 9, 2011

Another busy week

Week beginning Oct. 2, 2011 (mostly at AdobeMAX)

Over 92 hours on various tasks this week

Week beginning Sept. 25, 2011

Hours worked week beginning Sept. 25, 2011

Week beginning Sept. 18, 2011

Nearly 70 hours worked during week beginnign Sept. 18, 2011

Week beginning Sept. 11, 2011

Over 70 hours worked this week

Week beginning Sept. 4, 2011

Over 65 hours worked and this week had a 3 day holiday

Week beginning August 28, 2011

Nearly 70 hours worked this week
Roughly 70 hours worked this week

Week beginning August 21, 2011 (first week of semester)

A fairly long week for the start of the semester

Week beginning August 14, 2011 (first unofficial week of semester)

Efforts for week beginning August 14, 2011

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