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MUSE Presentation Widget

I was recently asked by a reader of this weblog how to modify the assets associated with the presentation widget in Adobe MUSE. I put together this short video describing how to modify these assets.

For those who wish to view a larger version, I provide a link to the actual video.

I hope that readers find this video helpful. I look forward to future comments on this or related topics.

My first MOOC

I recently completed my first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). This was created by Adobe and titled their Train the Trainer course. It ran from July 21 through October 21. By successfully completing this course, I have earned the designation Adobe Education Trainer. I have included that badge in the sidebar on the right. This course required roughly 75 hours of effort to complete over the 10 weeks. It was hosted on the Adobe Education Exchange. Since this was my first MOOC, I thought it would be appropriate to include my insights and thoughts. Many thanks to Melissa for also providing some extra information regarding the course. Read more »

Parallax scrolling with Adobe MUSE

Parallax scrolling relies on the technique where background images move slower than those in the foreground. This technique is often used to create an illusion of depth in a 2D game. An overview of the technique is provided at Wikipedia. There are several JavaScript libraries which can be used to incorporate this technique on your web pages. These include:

Yes, there are other libraries (and additional jQuery plugins). This list is not meant to be comprehensive. I noted that this feature was also added to Adobe MUSE in June, 2013. I finally found a little time to investigate and thought it would be worth demonstrating to readers of this weblog. Read more »

Little Planets

I am taking a class from Adobe this summer/ fall and I was inspired by a recent exercise dealing with “little planets.” Ok, I didn’t even know this capability existed (which is why I am enjoying the class so much). Based on this exercise, I wanted to duplicate the effects and share with others reading this post. Read more »

Summer 2013 Reflections

As the fall, 2013 semester begins, I thought it appropriate to reflect on what happened during the summer. As was the case last year, this was an incredibly busy time for me. Not only did I provide a number of “train the trainer” sessions throughout the country, I helped run the national web design contest and was privileged to be a part of the Adobe Education Leader Summer Institute. All told, I calculated that I traveled over 10,000 miles (mostly by air) and touched the lives of over 20,000 students. Combined with my estimate of 30,000 from the summer of 2012, I am humbled by the opportunities I have been afforded to share and learn. Yes, that would be 50,000 students affected. Read more »

Dreamweaver CC and PhoneGap

A few years ago, I did a weblog post on PhoneGap. I participated in a Tech Live event in late July where Paul Trani reviewed many of the new features in Dreamweaver CC (and discussed building mobile apps). Paul inspired me to put together these notes for students who may want to build relatively simple mobile apps (in my CMWEB 280 class, for example). I thought it might help to see what has changed in the 3 years since my initial post. Make certain you have a Creative Cloud account and Dreamweaver CC installed on a local computer if you are trying to follow along. Many of these features may not work in prior versions (like DW CS6). Read more »

Dreamweaver and Bootstrap

Some time ago, I provided an overview of Twitter Bootstrap. While working on a joint presentation at the Adobe Summer Institute with Sheri German, she reminded me of the Dreamweaver extension for Bootstrap. I thought it might be appropriate to include a quick overview of this extension. It is presently available (for free) from DMXZone. Note that you will need to create an account in order to download this extension. You download either the ZXP extension (for Dreamweaver CC) of the MXP extension (for Dreamweaver CS6). This works on both Windows and Macs (I have tested it on both). Read more »

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