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Adobe MUSE for Educators

I had the privilege of providing two sessions on Adobe MUSE as part of the Adobe Apps for Educators series which ends in July. These recordings were made on June 4, 2014.  Instead of a traditional blog post this week, I thought it would be better to provide links to recordings of both sessions. Both links will open in a new browser window/ tab. I hope you find them helpful. As always, I look forward to your comments.

I also developed a small website (in Adobe MUSE, of course) for reference during the presentations. This site also contains a link to the actual .muse file so you can download and modify the file using MUSE to better understand how to use the product.

Many thanks to Pip Cleaves and Melissa Jones for the opportunity to present on these topics.

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is an app (iPad only) which allows you to create simple demonstrations, announcements and many other short videos. You use a photo, icon, or text on a given slide. You can choose from a variety of layouts, themes, and background music. I find the interface intuitive. I also find it is fun to create short announcements or demonstrations. Rather than provide a series of screen captures, I thought it would be helpful to use Adobe Voice to explain how I use Adobe Voice. I recommend choosing the full screen option below.

I am curious if you have tried this tool and what you think of it? I look forward to your comments.

Lightroom Mobile

Those who know me will recognize that I have been promoting the use of mobile devices for quite some time. In my opinion, tablets and smartphones are content creation devices as well as content consumption devices. I have been recently working with Adobe Lightroom Mobile on my iPad. In order to use this, one needs to have a Creative Cloud account and have Lightroom 5 installed on a desktop or laptop computer. One can then synch collections between your desktop computer and iPad. The really impressive part is that you can make non-destructive changes to images on the iPad and they will appear on your desktop (or vice versa). Since they are non-destructive, you can always revert to the original. Read more »

Project Parfait

Modern web design techniques focus around the concepts of responsive design. As such, many modern workflows include the concept of design in browser. An excellent overview of these modern processes can be found at CSS-Tricks. Adobe recently introduced an experiment that complements such a workflow – Project Parfait. For those who are provided a Photoshop design comp (or other layered Photoshop document), you can use a modern browser to extract color and font information, generate associated CSS,determine measurements between elements, and save web optimized images. Yes, you have to sign in with your Adobe ID in order to use this facility. Let’s examine this beta facility in a little more detail.  Read more »

Behind the screen – Presenter

This is the second part of my attempt to share some of the technologies I use when teaching online classes. I previously briefly reviewed Adobe Connect. I thought it might be helpful to next focus on Adobe Presenter. I use this tool periodically to introduce a topic. Students in my classes know that I don’t believe it is appropriate to do a full hour “lecture.” Given the rapid pace of change with web technologies, I have found myself spending a tremendous amount of time just updating my materials to reflect the latest changes (in software and approaches). I prefer to point students to resources that already exist. After all, we live in the age of search engines and numerous online videos/ tutorials to help us understand a topic. Instead of spending a tremendous amount of time developing a “lecture” that few would listen to in its entirety (yes I have measured this previously), I introduce a topic and point my students to pertinent resources and usually have an associated lab or project to reinforce the concepts we are learning. Let’s examine the PowerPoint plugin part of Adobe Presenter (this is how I began using this tool). There is also a separate Presenter Video Creator tool. I may cover that in a future weblog post. Read more »

Photoshop Generate

I never cease to be amazed at the capabilities and options available in tools. Options that I didn’t know about or overlooked. Yes, working with web technologies, one is constantly learning. I recently completed a course at dealing with Adobe Generator by Chris Converse. I simply didn’t realize this feature was included in Photoshop. Essentially, you activate this feature (it is a toggle switch) and you can then seamlessly create graphics (or an Edge Reflow project) from Photoshop. We can do this from any layered Photoshop file. Let’s see how this is accomplished… Read more »

Photoshop and 3D Printing

I recently took the time to learn the fundamentals of 3D printing using Photoshop. Yes, I feel like I am using a replicator from the Starship Enterprise. I have actually created some items and shown them at our local Web Professionals and Adobe User Group meeting on March 11. I thought it might be helpful to review the overall process. Keep in mind I am still learning about this so there may well be additional capabilities that I discuss in future weblog posts. I thought it might be appropriate to start with a blank canvas in Photoshop and create something new. Keep in mind I used the most recent version of Photoshop CC for this discussion. Read more »

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