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Things which make me go hmm…

Ok, this may be a bit of a rant, but I have experienced a number of situations in the past few months which really make me wonder. Some time ago (2011), I posted a set of notes on how to email your professor. [Note: although that rant was over 2 […]

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After Effects Animated Gif

At our February Web Professionals and Adobe User Group meeting, someone asked about the fundamentals of working with Adobe After Effects. I thought it might be appropriate to create a simple animated gif (perhaps a snowstorm – since we have had so much snow this winter). I wanted to put […]

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Kali Linux

Each spring semester, I teach the CMWEB 270 class on web application security. Although we review a number of tools in that class, I also recommend students investigate packages of tools. One such tool is Kali Linux. This is a newer version of the venerable Backtrack Linux (which has been […]

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Wifi Connections

Periodically, students complain about the speed of wifi on our guest network at school. I thought I would take a few moments and document my observations. The tool I used was the Network Speedtest app on my Windows RT Surface (hey, I have to find some use for it these […]

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