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App – Project Spitball

As many readers know, I am always on the lookout for apps I can use in various aspects of teaching and learning. I recently came across the app “Project Spitball” in the App Store. This seems like an interesting concept and has some potential uses for educators so I thought […]

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GoPro Camera Lens Correction

Now that I have been working with my GoPro camera for a while, I have noticed that the lens typically causes a fish-eye effect on photos. It also seems to have some chromatic aberration (not all colors are focused at the same convergence point). I thought readers might be interested […]

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GoPro Camera

My wife, Jeri, bought me a GoPro camera for the holidays. Many thanks dear. This is a rugged little camera which can be used in a number of different places. The great part about it is that you can set it to take photos, time lapse photos or video, activate […]

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Notice to Appear

As a public service at the beginning of 2014, I thought it might be appropriate to grade some of the recent SPAM I have been receiving. I suspect the intent behind this SPAM is to incite fear in the recipient. Instead it incited humor in this recipient. As most students […]

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Books Read in 2013

I thought it might be useful for students and others to know which books I read during 2013. Here is the list in chronological order. Note that I only list those books I have finished (I have many others in progress). I try to read one book a week. The […]

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