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Cold Adapted Insects

I gave a presentation to the Entomology section of the Peoria Academy of Science on cold adapted insects. This was a rather ironic day to make such a presentation as we are experiencing the warmest February on record. It did seem like a good idea at the time (when we […]

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Apple Watch Butterflies

My Apple watch comes with a number of faces. As an entomologist, I had to choose the butterflies. Although I can find articles about the efforts involved in photographing the butterflies (and other subjects – like the jellyfish), I have not been able to find any information on the actual […]

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Eat a bug?

Just prior to the start of the Adobe Education Leader Summer Institute, a group of us gathered at a local (San Jose) Mexican restaurant. As you can see, this event was well attended. I suggested this place because several of us had eaten there the prior year and I knew […]

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MAPS 2008 Fossil Show

I attended the MAPS (Mid-America Paleontology Society) Fossil Exposition in Macomb, Illinois yesterday. These are some of the photos of the fossils (and friends) encountered.

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YouTube Video on Periodical Cicadas

Play the video below to learn a little more about periodical cicadas. The video was created by Roger Hangarter and Samuel Orr

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Periodical cicadas are back

Many thanks to Bob and Joan for allowing me to record these sounds at the Sun Foundation yesterday. These are sounds of the periodical cicada. They were a bit louder but my microphone was overwhelmed. I have encountered (and collected) these animals in 1973, 1990, and now 2007. I encountered […]

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