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Adding a Captivate Quiz to your LMS

I am providing a webinar covering the fundamentals of incorporating a Captivate quiz/ learning module into your learning management system in late January, 2018. I have provided a number of resources and webinars on the fundamentals of working with Adobe Captivate in 2017. These are linked below. More sessions are […]

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Captivate Fluid Boxes

Part of my January webinar dealing with Adobe Captivate involves further discussion of fluid boxes. Participants in previous webinars asked me to provide more details. This webinar is part of an ongoing series I am presenting on Adobe Captivate. For those who are interested in earlier sessions, you will find […]

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WordPress Project Gutenberg

I recently participated in a local WordPress meeting where Project Gutenberg was reviewed by Brandon Wickwire. For those who are unaware, this is likely the version of the editor (and much more) which will be coming with version 5.0 of WordPress. Brandon’s presentation inspired me to experiment a bit with […]

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Captivate Variables

To begin 2018, I am providing a webinar on the use of variables in Adobe Captivate. This is intended to be an introduction. Since I only have one hour, I plan to concentrate on the following items: using system variables creating user variables (and using them) associating actions with variables […]

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