WorldSkills 2017 Abu Dhabi Day C-2

We are now two days from the start of the actual web design and development competition. Today was familiarization day. Competitors were assigned workstations and URLs on the server. They had the opportunity to test out the software and report any problems. One they were satisfied the software was working as desired, they had to sign off. We have 35 countries participating this year. This was the first time the competitors experienced the environment they will be using for 4 days of intense coding.

An initial briefing was held for competitors to help them better understand the process and expectations. This is what that briefing looked like. I also uploaded a Theta 360 photo to my Twitter stream.

Competitors being briefed during familiarization day

Experts were asked to sign a code of ethics document to confirm our commitment to fair and equal treatment of all competitors and to make the competition as meaningful and enjoyable as possible for all competitors. The completed document is shown below. I really like the emphasis on integrity and ethics. This sends a clear message.

Integrity statement signed by experts

Tonight, we had a group supper with several of our sponsors. In addition to the sponsors present we also had Mr. Paul Gilmer from the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi and Kayleen McCabe present. Both spoke on the importance of these competitions. Tomorrow, we make certain all is ready for competition (which begins on Sunday). Opening ceremonies are held tomorrow night (in an open air arena). About 10,000 are anticipated to attend.

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