Captivate personalization and more

On May 18, 2017, I will provide another webinar covering the fundamentals of working with Adobe Captivate. I am focusing on the latest version (Captivate 2017). I mention this because you will need that version if you want to modify the assets I provide. For those who are accessing these resources, these are the materials I have provided to date.

For the present session, I will focus on the use of assets (with a focus on those available free from eLearning Brothers).

I plan to provide an overview and then discuss various details. If you wish to see the beginning examples, follow the links below. Note that none contain audio at this point. The focus is on the assets themselves. Many of these are incomplete. This is why I also provide a link to download the Captivate files so you can experiment and modify what I provide for your own use.

  • My beginning presentation (as a responsive HTML5 eLearning module). Again, no audio or captioning is included (we already covered that part).
  • A starting file/ demo with cutout people. Your mission will be to modify this (if you choose to accept it).
  • A starting file demo with interactions. Again, you can choose to modify this (the Captivate files are linked below).
  • Lastly, I downloaded a starting scenario file from eLearning Brothers. We will discuss this, but we need to have a bit more understanding before we can make a number of changes. I simply want to introduce you to additional capabilities we will discuss in future webinars.

For those who accept my challenge and want to work with my original starting Captivate files, they are linked. Of course, you will need Captivate 2017 in order to open them.

I also included a video of the actual webinar (after May 18) so you have a clearer understanding of how to interact with these files. I provide the HTML examples above only as starting points. Your emphasis should be on downloading the zip archive and modifying the Captivate files themselves.

AET Captivate Series Characters and Widgets from Mark DuBois on Vimeo.

I look forward to your comments (and hope you find this series of webinars with supporting files helpful).

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