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This represents the second is a series of webinars I am providing to Adobe Education Leaders, Adobe Education Trainers, and Adobe Campus Leaders on the fundamentals of developing eLearning materials using Adobe Captivate. The first session happened in March. This session is scheduled for April 20. Since my first session, Adobe released Captivate 2017 (a.k.a. Captivate 10). The interface has changed a bit (for example to add a caption, the plus icon is on the right now – it was previously on the left). However, there have also been major improvements (particularly in terms of fluid boxes and more). I plan to cover those enhancements in a future discussion.

For the session on April 20, I will review how to create eLearning materials which are HTML5 based and responsive (so they display on various devices – from desktops to smartphones. I will also discuss themes and how you can easily provide a new “skin” which significantly changes the look and feel of your presentation.

I plan to review the overall Captivate interface, the basics of captioning your audio, and how to test your resulting materials. Once the webinar has concluded, I will embed the video in this spot as well (for future reference). In terms of supporting resources, I provide links below.

I encourage you to download a copy of the latest version of Adobe Captivate after you have downloaded and extracted the above files. For those with some experience, can you apply a different theme than the one I used?

AET Captivate Series Captivate Lessons Across Multiple Devices from Mark DuBois on Vimeo.

I hope you found this information helpful. As always, I look forward to your comments (and questions about using Captivate to create eLearning resources).


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  1. Thanks for the great content Mark. I just got hear from the 2017 #T4T session. I look forward to spending a bit of time in the newer versions of Captivate. I played with it now and then, but did a lot of work in Camtasia over the past few years. So it will be interesting to see how Captivate has changed since the early versions.

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