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I didn’t know you could do that with Google

As we start the Spring, 2017, semester, I thought it might be helpful to review some of the things one can do with Google. Yes, I know there are other search engines. I do find some of the items below most interesting. If you can do the same in other […]

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As we start the spring, 2017 semester, I thought it appropriate to discuss browsers a bit. Many students know that I recommend testing web pages they create in multiple browsers. This includes desktop as well as mobile browsers. Why? Because different browsers use different rendering engines. This means pages may […]

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Celebration of Learning

As each semester at school starts, we begin with a series of professional development. I have the honor of being part of three presentations today (Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017). I thought readers may be interested in the highlights of these events. Faculty Fellows (Online Faculty Showcase) – I have been […]

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Moodle upgrade

In preparation for the spring, 2017 semester, I upgraded the Moodle environment that is used as a learning management system for our CMWEB classes. I thought it might be helpful for those using this environment to better understand the effort it takes to maintain (and keep this up to date). […]

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