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Cold Adapted Insects

I gave a presentation to the Entomology section of the Peoria Academy of Science on cold adapted insects. This was a rather ironic day to make such a presentation as we are experiencing the warmest February on record. It did seem like a good idea at the time (when we […]

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Interesting apps

It has been a while since I reviewed selected mobile apps. My most recent set of reviews focused on those I encountered during my summer of travel in 2016. I have recently been using the following apps. Since they represent a broad spectrum of what one can do with mobile […]

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Super Bowl 51 Commercials

As I did last year, I paid attention to the commercials on the first Sunday night in February. Others may be aware of this tradition as well. Lots of new commercials frequently interrupted by a football game. Ok, it was fun to watch the game as well. This year had […]

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Installing SSL certificates

Given that I teach several classes dealing with security (and we even install SSL certificates on an IIS server in a couple of those), I thought it might be helpful for readers/ students to learn a little about what is required when you are using a Linux server. First, a […]

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