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2015 Illinois Web Design Contest

I had the great opportunity to supervise the Illinois Web Design contest in Springfield on April 23 – 24, 2015. As always, our contest focuses on professionalism (we are after all), current web design job skills, and industry best practices to help students be better prepared to enter the […]

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What I like about Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe recently released a significant update to Acrobat. When I first opened the tool [viewing a PDF document], I saw the following (and felt a bit overwhelmed). Note the changes to the interface, particularly the options on the right for the given document. Wow. There are a lot more options. […]

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Adobe Slate

Adobe recently released a new iPad only app focused on creating content. One can then view this content in browsers on any Internet connected device. The content is displayed in a manner appropriate for that device. The app is called Slate (I placed the logo below). The tag line “Make […]

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Adobe Comp CC

Adobe recently released a new app for the iPad – Comp CC. In many ways, this app reminds me of Adobe Proto. There are a number of differences. The most important is that one can create low fidelity wireframes or much more detailed mock-ups of a web site, print document […]

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2 factor authentication

I recently provided a post on passwords. I mentioned that one should employ 2 factor authentication where possible.  Given that many readers and students may use WordPress as a blog platform (or for other purposes as it is a rather flexible platform), I thought it might be helpful for individuals […]

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