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Working Connections 2015

I had the great honor of teaching at Working Connections in Springfield, Illinois during the week of May 18 – 22. This is a great event for community college faculty and staff. You have the ability to network with peers from throughout the state. I renewed friendships with many and […]

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Creating a new WordPress site

Some time ago, I posted basic information about securing your WordPress sites. Given that post has not been updated since 2012, I thought it was time. Rather than just re-hash the existing information, I decided to take a slightly different approach. I recently saw the need to create a new […]

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Professor – would you please do my work?

As we conclude this semester, I thought it might be appropriate to continue my discussion from the beginning of the semester (see Issues > Concerns > Problems). Frankly, I do not see the situation improving. Those reading this should pause and consider what they are asking in various classes. As […]

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2015 Illinois Web Design Contest – the code

I previously discussed the Illinois web design contest at a high level. I thought it would be important to also focus a bit on the code and related design aspects of the sites. Note that these comments are my own and do not represent the observations of any judges in […]

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