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Web Vulnerability Scanners

One of the many classes I teach is CMWEB 270 – Web Application Security. I thought it might be helpful to readers to review a couple of the tools one can use to automatically scan for website vulnerabilities. I consider it good practice to use a number of tools. Obviously, […]

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Fixel is an iOS app from Adobe Labs which runs on either iPad or iPhone. Sorry, no Android capabilities. Many thanks to my colleague, Matt Clasener, for making me aware of this app. Essentially, it allows you to clean up your images (remove unwanted litter from a photo, for example). […]

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I recently became aware of an interesting app from Adobe Labs – PaintCan. Many thanks to Tom Green for making me aware of this iOS app (sorry, no Android version). For those of us with limited graphical talent, we can now paint using just our fingertip. We can work with […]

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Augmented reality is a concept which has fascinated me since I first learned about it a number of years ago. I was recently exposed to Aurasma by a colleague. This is an app which runs on iPhone and Android devices and allows you to scan an image to display additional […]

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