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Mac tips

Since I obtained a MacBook Pro in 2012, I have been accumulating various tips and tricks to customize the environment. I thought it would be appropriate to share some of these with readers. If you are aware of others and would like them included, please place your thoughts in the […]

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Node.js Server

Now that we have some understanding of some of the capabilities of Node.js, it is time to investigate its true strength – as a web server. Recall that many reseller accounts will not allow Node.js to act as a server as it is viewed as a long running task (and […]

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Markdown and Node.js

I realize that not everyone wants to write HTML. Tools like Dreamweaver make it much simpler, but there are times (particularly when taking notes) that an alternative might be more appropriate. Markdown has been around for a number of years. Essentially, you markup your document in plain text and can […]

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Node.js uses JavaScript to run a web server – yes, JavaScript on the server. One of the main benefits is that a single language is used on both the client and server sides (JavaScript). I know some would argue that JavaScript is not a “true” programming language since it is […]

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Sir Ken Robinson’s thoughts on education

As we begin 2013, I think it appropriate to revisit what we do on a daily basis. I really like this video and am using it as a starting point for discussion. My colleague Renaldo Lawrence also posted this link on his weblog. I suggest we start by eliminating the […]

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