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Edge Reflow – the code

Last week, I examined the recently released Adobe Edge Reflow tool itself. I thought it might be worthwhile to examine the generated code. For reference purposes, the file I created last week is the one I plan to examine in this current weblog post. As mentioned last week, these generated […]

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Adobe Edge Reflow – first look

Responsive design (where content is modified to display on a given device) is easy to discuss and sometimes difficult to implement. Not only should your text be positioned properly for various devices, but images and fonts should respond accordingly. The days of having a website which can be only viewed […]

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Book review: 31 Days of Twitter Tips

31 Days of Twitter Tips: Grow Your Online Influence, 12 Minutes at a Time by Becky Robinson is a useful book for those just getting started with Twitter and for those who have been using Twitter for some time. As many readers know, I use Twitter (some would say a […]

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CSS files can become quite large/ cumbersome. Additionally, there are some issues with CSS. These include: not having an ability to use math (for example take current border width and add 5 pixels to it), not being able to reuse common styles not being able to modify existing values not […]

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