Sir Ken Robinson’s thoughts on education

As we begin 2013, I think it appropriate to revisit what we do on a daily basis. I really like this video and am using it as a starting point for discussion. My colleague Renaldo Lawrence also posted this link on his weblog. I suggest we start by eliminating the word pedagogy from higher education. For those not aware of the term, it means the science of teaching. However, the origin of the word/ original meaning is office of a child’s tutor. As a professor in a community college, I teach adults, not children. Adults learn differently than children. This is why I rarely (if ever) use the term pedagogy. I don’t like to implications/ original intent. Just my 2 cents to start the discussion. I look forward to your comments below (after listening to the video).

One thought on “Sir Ken Robinson’s thoughts on education”

  1. Androgogy is my preferred term (instead of pedagogy). The emphasis for learning is placed where it belongs – on the learner…not the teacher.

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