MS Surface Shortcut keys

This post is actually for my benefit (and I hope others also find it useful). I keep forgetting which keys do what and the Windows key seems critical when working with the MS Surface “laplet.” No, I didn’t coin this term, but it seems appropriate laptop + tablet. Unfortunately, it appears the Surface has problems in either case. If you examine the list below, you will note some missing letters, etc. As far as I can tell, these simply don’t work on the Surface RT that I am presently using. If you are able to get them to work, great. Please note that in the comments. Also, let me know which ones I have missed. I plan a separate post on gestures. Here are the key combinations that I could verify work on my Surface laplet.Windows logo – this is the logo in the center bottom of the tablet itself. Yes, it is an active button. Click it and you will cycle through the most recently used location and the start screen.

Windows logo + volume down – this allows you to do a screen capture. Intuitive, no, but it works. Note this is the Windows logo, not the Windows key.

Windows key – toggle between start screen and previously used apps.

Windows key + 1 (through 9) – desktop only – will toggle between items pinned to the task bar (1 is closest to where the start orb used to be).

Windows key + , (comma) – desktop only – allows you to quickly see the desktop

Windows key + up arrow – desktop only – maximize the desktop app which has focus

Windows key + down arrow – desktop only – restore or minimize the desktop app which has focus

Windows key + C – quick access to charms bar (who named this anyway)

Windows key + D -opens the desktop

Windows key + E – opens the file explorer

Windows key + F – opens the charms bar, selects search, with a focus on files

Windows key + H – opens the charms bar with a focus on sharing

Windows key + I – opens the charms bar with the focus on settings

Windows key + K – opens the charms bar with emphasis on devices

Windows key + L – locks the laplet

Windows key + M – desktop only – minimizes all open windows

Windows key + Q – opens the charms bar with focus on search for apps

Windows key + R – opens the run command dialog on the desktop (you can be in another app and it will open the desktop). For example, once you have the run command open, type in PSR. This will open the problem steps recorder which will capture screen shots and clicks. I understand the output is MHTML.

Windows key + S – activates the One Note screen snipping tool (even on the start menu). Once you complete the capture, you are taken to the desktop.

Windows key + T – desktop onlyplaces focus on the taskbar so you can cycle through those pinned apps

Windows key + W – opens the charms bar with focus on search in settings

Windows key + X – provides access to a menu of various tools

Windows key + Z – displays the app bar

Ok, that is my list so far. I am curious if you have a different experience. I know this is a subset of what would be available in the full Windows 8. These are the ones I have found I can consistently work with on my laplet. I am interested in your comments as to how useful you find this information.

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