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Adobe Education Exchange Live

I had the honor of being invited to speak at the Adobe Education Exchange Live event in Toronto, ON (November 8 and 9, 2012). In addition to the event, I was also able to participate in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards ceremony in the evening (Nov. 9). I thought that […]

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IE 10 on MS Surface

Now that I am more familiar with my Ms Surface tablet, I thought it would be time to explore specific applications. First stop would be Internet Explorer 10. It comes in two flavors on the Surface. The first is an app (no plug-ins such as Flash Player are allowed). The […]

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Bootstrap Overview

Bootstrap is a framework for front end web development and uses HTML5. One can employ responsive web designs with relative ease (the page will shrink and images will resize as the amount of screen real estate is reduced). This framework uses a 12 column grid for initial layout of items. […]

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WordPress Attacks

Those reading this weblog likely know that it is based on the popular WordPress application. I know many individuals and organizations who use this application. Some time ago, I provided a post dealing with WordPress security (and I recommended a number of plugins and techniques to minimize potential threats). Since […]

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