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BlackBerry PlayBook

I have been reviewing/ experimenting with my new BlackBerry Playbook tablet for the past few days. So far, I like the unit (and the interface). I wanted to share some of my experiences in this weblog entry as others may encounter similar situations. I also want to formally thank Del […]

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Book Review

I received notice today that my book review has been published by CHOICE (May, 2011 issue). Since many readers of this weblog may not have direct access to their publication, I have included a copy here as well. Partridge, Derek. The seductive computer: why IT systems always fail. Springer, 2011. […]

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IPVEO P2V camera

I have participated in a number of seminars this year where some sort  of document camera was needed. After a little research, I decided to obtain the IPVEO P2V camera. It arrived today. I found the install to be a breeze and the interface is very intuitive. I particularly like […]

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