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WOW Web Design Contest – Final Thoughts

I participated in the WOW/ Web Professionals web design contest in Kansas City last week (June 21 – 24). I wanted to take a moment and share my observations and include a few comments received from the judges. I am providing these hoping that we will continue to see gradual […]

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WOW Web Design Contest, 2011

I had the distinct honor of being part of the WOW/ Web Professionals web design contest. This competition was held in Kansas City last week (June 21 – 24). Teams of two (web designer and web developer) competed for over $210,000 in scholarships and prizes. I plan to post a […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook (part 2)

Now that I have a full week of experience with my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, I thought it time to review my latest experiences and offer some additional insights. Obviously, I have limited experience with this device and welcome comments to help me improve my overall understanding. I will focus on […]

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