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Since I am officially “retired,” I have a little more time to investigate items which I find interesting. I have recently been experimenting with CSS custom properties (aka CSS variables). I thought readers might be interested in some small examples demonstrating the capabilities of CSS custom properties. While these certainly don’t replace JavaScript, they can be used in some cases to simplify your coding (more CSS, less JS). Yes, the less part was a pun (let’s see if anyone figures this one out *grin*).

I created a small web page which demonstrates some examples of what one might be able to do with CSS custom properties. I encourage you to follow the link and examine the results. Don’t forget to view the source code on the page. I believe most of the examples are somewhat self documented.

If you have questions about CSS custom properties, please post them as comments. As always, I look forward to your comments (and hope you find these small examples useful).

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