What’s the fuss about HTML5

Bob Flynn (fellow Adobe Education Leader) asked me to make a presentation on HTML5 to the Indiana University Web-Multimedia Community today. According to Bob there were approximately 80 people in attendance. Since the presentation was recorded, I provide a link to the presentation. [It will open in a new browser window/ tab]. If anyone would like copies of the slides, you can download them from http://learning-html5.info/. The learning HTML5 site is a work in progress (designed to show my students the capabilities and errors of coding in HTML5) and designed to show significant differences between current browsers. Therefore, I really don’t recommend visiting it with Internet Explorer 8 or earlier. Bob – thanks again for the opportunity to present to your group. I really enjoyed myself and a number of great questions were asked.

3 thoughts on “What’s the fuss about HTML5”

  1. I saw you tweet about the presentation a while back, and my first thought was I hoped you would post the slides! Thanks for posting the link to presentation and the learning-html5 site, which I wasn’t aware of. I’ll be looking this over this evening.

  2. Great presentation Mark! I am a little late attending, but better late than never. I will be going through the Learning HTML site as I have a few minutes here and a few more over there. Thank you for making this available to everyone!!

  3. Just listened to your presentation and found it very interesting. Thank you for making it available to your students.

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