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AdobeMAX – Monday

AdobeMAX began with the keynote by Kevin Lynch (“Welcome to the revolution”) which emphasized mobile as well as multi-screen environments (such as the digital living room). Gaming and Adobe’s acquisition of Day Content Management System were also covered. Some interesting points from the keynote included the prediction that bandwidth for […]

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Los Angeles

These are some of the photos I took while attending AdobeMAX in Los Angeles. Thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of the downtown area. Most of my time was spent in sessions and meetings so I didn’t have much of a chance to tour the city. All of these […]

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AdobeMAX, Sunday

Sunday, October 24, 2010 was a very full day. I participated in the community manager summit and the education summit. Lots of good information was received. The actual conference starts tomorrow and my brain is already stuffed with new information. I learned some creative ways to use Adobe Presenter as […]

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USC, School of Cinematic Arts

Tonight, Adobe Education Leaders were able to take a :behind the scenes” tour of the new School of Cinematic Arts buildings on the campus of USC. These are some of the photos I took in both the George Lucas and Steven Speilberg buildings. Approximately $175 million has been granted to […]

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Featured in newsletter

Thanks to Laurie Burruss, I was featured in the October, 2010 issue of the academic newsletter. I have consistently used as a resource to learn more about a number of topics. I never cease to be amazed as to the breadth and depth of their course offerings. I […]

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