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The ROME project is an interesting concept from Adobe. I have been working with it for some time. It is now in beta and can be accessed via (for the education version, drop the education part of the URL for the non-education version). I participated in the AEL (Adobe Education Leaders) quarterly meeting this morning and was inspired by David Egbert’s 5 minute discussion of an interactive presentation done in ROME. I decided to put together a few details about the recently concluded AdobeMAX conference as an interactive PDF developed using ROME. [The link to the PDF will open in a new browser window/ tab]. It took me roughly 1.5 hours to go from a blank canvas to the completed project (including developing the next and previous arrows in Fireworks). Yes, I also could output this as a Flash .swf file, but thought an interactive PDF might be more impressive (especially for those who still believe a PDF file is just another way to print a Word document). The majority of my time was spent selecting the appropriate images and videos to include (the actual development time as minimal).  I believe this tool will be particularly handy for educators who need to create engaging interactive content rapidly. I encourage you to try it out.

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