Many Thanks

I wanted to take a few moments and acknowledge the kindness of my new friends from Montana. Chris, Jeff, Don, and Dwayne helped me get to the Great Falls area this week. Essentially Delta/ Northwest Airlines diverted our plane to Billings instead of Great Falls. Lots of ice on the runway at Great Falls (and the airport has now been closed for quite some time).Although the airlines did put us up in a hotel for the night, it took what seemed forever for them to arrange transportation to Great Falls from Billings. Given that another storm was moving into the area and we did not see the point in waiting longer, we agreed to split the cost of a rental car and gas and drove to Great Falls (roughly a 4 hour drive). It was a grand adventure. Thanks especially to Chris for doing all of the driving. I took a photo at the end of our trip as we stopped to fill the gas tank just as we entered Great Falls. Thanks again for the help and resolve everyone took to get to our destinations for the holidays. It will make for quite the holiday story for years to come.

People who helped me get to my destination for the holidays.

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