Spring, 2007

As I post this entry, my sabbatical is nearing an end. I have found it to be a most informative and educational experience. I consider myself very fortunate to:

  1. have been able to take time from my work at ICC. Shari – thanks for all your extra efforts. I know this has been a very busy semester for you and I appreciate your willingness to face the challenge. Also, thanks to ICC for the sabbatical. It was a very positive experience.
  2. have been able to work closely with Bill Cullifer (WOW, Executive Director). It has been a great pleasure to work with someone who is so passionate about the web profession and willing to donate massive amounts of personal time and money towards improving said profession. Bill – it was quite an honor to work with you.

I will soon be returning to ICC (in mid-January) and am looking forward to teaching again. For those who are reading this note, I would encourage you to continue to learn on a daily basis. For example, I recently learned how easy it is to use AJAX as an attack on web applications. If you are interested in learning more about this, I encourage you to take the CMWEB 270 class this spring. I would highly recommend the following two resources to help you keep current with web systems (both the technology and the profession).

For those who have been noting the new look to these web pages, yes, it is a weblog. If you would like to post comments, contact me and I will add you.

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