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Belize Collecting Locations

I thought it might be appropriate to show the details where I did some collecting while in Belize in January. The link below will direct you to a page that pulls information from the Microsoft Virtual Earth site as well as my web pages. This mash-up presently only shows the […]

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Spring semester is starting

Students in the CMWEB classes I am teaching (CMWEB 160, CMWEB 240, and CMWEB 250) should have received a postcard with instructions. If you did not receive a postcard, please send me an e-mail ( indicating which class you have registered for. We will not be using Blackboard this semester […]

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Belize Photos

Here are some random photos of my recent trip to Belize. I will try to add more as I have time. Dave Cox (using waterproof camera) took photos in Mayan footprint cave. All other photos were taken by me. Thought you might enjoy…

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More Belize sounds

These sounds are what the rainforest is like after dark. You hear mostly insects with a few vertebrates (the louder ones). Thought you might enjoy this as well.

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Belize Sounds

Thought you might enjoy a few sounds of Belize that I recorded. These sounds are howler monkeys (no I had not been partying all night with these being the resulting sounds). I have photos of the monkeys as well as a little video with their sounds.

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