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Adobe Spark Post

Last week, I introduced Adobe Spark Video. I thought I would follow up this week with an overview of Adobe Spark Post. Adobe Spark Post from Mark DuBois on Vimeo. I hope you find this overview helpful and encourage you to check out Adobe Spark.

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Adobe Spark Video

One of many activities I do at school is help other teachers better understand how to employ technology in their classes. One tool which I have been promoting for some time is Adobe Spark (video, post, page). I thought it might be helpful to others to share the fundamentals of […]

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ARIA again

I recently provided some base information concerning Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA). I wanted to expand on the topic a bit more. For those who are participating in our monthly Central Illinois Web Professionals meetings, I have been covering this topic in those meetings as well. Before delving into a […]

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Ricoh Theta Image Editing

I purchased a Ricoh Theta S in late July and provided an overview of the camera capabilities and my initial experiences. Now that I have worked with the camera a few months, I thought it time to share some additional information and tips. Probably the most important tip is that […]

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