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CSS Grid

I recently read the book “Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout” by Rachel Andrew. The more I understand about CSS grid layout, the more I like it and hope it is soon implemented in browsers. Presently it works well in Canary and mostly in Firefox nightly builds. I will include […]

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Text editors

This week we start the spring, 2016 semester at school. Sometimes, it is best to step back and look at those simple, little things we can do to improve. Using a text editor is one such example. For students just getting started, you will come to learn that it is […]

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Philips HUE API

My first weblog post in 2016 focused on the basics of using the Philips Hue lighting system. As I mentioned, one of the features of this environment is the ability to interact with the RESTful API via a web interface. You need to determine the IP address of the bridge […]

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Philips HUE and Internet of Things

One of the presents I received over the holidays was a Philips Hue starter kit. [Thanks again, Ben and Lindsay.] I had been thinking about getting one of these myself. As you may suspect, I am always keen to learn new technologies and approaches. For those who may not be […]

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