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If you have spent time discussing teaching concepts with me, you know I do not like the term pedagogy. First (and foremost), I teach adults (not children). The root of pedagogy implies teaching children. Second, I do not like teacher based learning (where there is an expert providing bits of […]

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Spring 2014 Semester Reflections

As the spring, 2014, semester draws to a close, I wanted to reflect on many events. Surprisingly, my overall comments parallel those made by the keynote speaker [Carl Cannon] at ICC graduation a few days ago. Overall, I am always impressed by how much students learn and grow during the […]

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Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is an app (iPad only) which allows you to create simple demonstrations, announcements and many other short videos. You use a photo, icon, or text on a given slide. You can choose from a variety of layouts, themes, and background music. I find the interface intuitive. I also […]

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Lightroom Mobile

Those who know me will recognize that I have been promoting the use of mobile devices for quite some time. In my opinion, tablets and smartphones are content creation devices as well as content consumption devices. I have been recently working with Adobe Lightroom Mobile on my iPad. In order […]

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