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I had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Kelly Crawford-Jones in a joint presentation on the “flipped classroom” at the second day of the ICC Great Technology Seminar (Sept. 28, 2012) in Peoria, IL. We both presented some information about how we are using flipped approaches in teaching various disciplines (nursing and computer technology).

Kelly began with an overview of the flipped approach. She used a number of videos to introduce the concept (demonstrating what participants would have watched on their own prior to the class). I then reviewed how I have been using this approach in one of my classes (Windows and network security) for a number of years.I have included a copy of our presentation for those who would like to examine the specific slides. In addition to providing specific examples that I use in my class (such as short video segments to demonstrate a specific concept), I also provided an example of one of the in class assignments (which can typically only be completed in a timely manner if one has already reviewed the textbook and prepared for the in class lab session).

I demonstrated various technologies I have employed in various classes and seminars over the past couple of years as part of this presentation. These included the use of QR (Quick Response) codes to direct individuals to specific web pages and the use of shortened and custom URLs (via Bit.Ly Pro). Had participants been so inclined, they were able to scan the QR code with their smartphone and go directly to a flipped classroom assessment activity (linked in the slides). I relied on Adobe Form Central for this assessment activity and demonstrated the view “behind the scenes” once all had completed the assessment. This provided room for additional discussions. I believe individuals who participated have a clearer understanding of the concept along with an exposure to additional technologies. We held a “birds of a feather” session after lunch and I was available to demonstrate specific technologies I employ in flipped classes (and online only classes). These include Adobe Captivate 6 and Presenter 8 along with Camtasia Studio 8.

As always, I am most interested in your comments (after you have reviewed this note and examined the linked slides). Due to the excessive number of spam comments received, I must approve your comments individually (which I will do as long as they are legitimate comments – positive or negative). I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction into the world of “flipped classes.”

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  1. We had a very good discussion regarding the term: “Flipping” vs. “Hybrid” vs. “Technology Enhanced” classes. Basically Patrice said that the term is inclusive and meant to coin a new trend. We also talked about the ups and downs of flipping the classroom. We mentioned that some students really don’t like the responsibility that it puts on them, the amount of preparation that it takes to flip successfully and access to the technology. I believe that the consensus was mostly positive and that the pedological model is strong. We talked about the myths of flipping the classroom; what it is and isn’t.

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