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We are all familiar with the filler text used on various mock-ups (web sites and more). It typically begins with “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur…” and continues for a number of paragraphs. I accidentally discovered a few alternatives today. Which got me to tweeting and after a number of interactions with others, I decided to put together this list. While it is not complete, it should give one a sense of the vast number of these generators (many creative minds with a little time on their hands). I have alphabetized this list in hopes that others will find it useful. If you have others to add, please put them in the comments.

An example of a generator of the original text (based on Cicero, but in pseudo-Latin for those who care).

Alphabetized list of alternative generators (with a few notes about each).

  1. Bacon ipsum (for those who prefer various meats)
  2. Baseball ipsum (for those who prefer baseball terms)
  3. Beer ipsum (for those who prefer beer terms)
  4. Blind text generator (generates text)
  5. Bluth ipsum (from show Arrested Development)
  6. Bogan ipsum (this likely means something to someone)
  7. Comic ipsum (for those who like comics)
  8. Cupcake ipsum (for those who like cupcakes)
  9. Fashion ipsum (for those who prefer fashion terms)
  10. Fillerama (yet another one – think Futurama)
  11. Fillerati (for book lovers – specify author and novel)
  12. Filler text (hipster, hillbilly, metropolitan, marketing, pseudo German, pseudo Latin, technobabble, television
  13. Gag ipsum (another alternative)
  14. Gangsta ipsum (for those who prefer gangsta terms)
  15. Greek machine (for alternate ipsum versions)
  16. Hipster ipsum (for those who prefer hipster terms)
  17. HTML ipsum (for those who prefer HTML terms)
  18. Lebowski ipsum (for those who prefer the Big Lebowski movie)
  19. Liquor ipsum (for those who prefer hard liquor or wine)
  20. Malevole text generator (yet another)
  21. Not lorem ipsum (says it all)
  22. Obama ipsum (yes, there really is one for President Obama)
  23. Random text (yes, it is random)
  24. Samuel L. ipsum (for those who want to sound like Samuel L. Jackson)
  25. Simpsons ipsum (for thoe who prefer the Simpsons TV show)
  26. Space ipsum (for those who prefer space terms)
  27. Spanish lorem ipsum (Latin into Spanish – makes me wonder)
  28. Tuna ipsum (for those who prefer fish)
  29. United ipsum (for those who prefer political candidate jargon)
  30. Web 2.0 ipsum (for those who prefer Web 2.0 terms)
  31. Zombia ipsum (for those who think in terms of a zombie apocalypse)

Yes, that is a list of 32 lorem ipsum generators (typical lorem ipsum plus another 31 variants). Which ones did I overlook?

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