A challenge to students

We are now in the second week of the semester. I have a challenge for students in my CMWEB classes. I put together a brief slideshow (using PowerPoint and Adobe Captivate) to include audio and transitions. This information came mostly from a Time Magazine article I read over the weekend (dealing with YouTube). Ok, it took me roughly 2 hours to do a little research, prepare the PowerPoint slides, import the slides into Captivate, select the audio (I have an account with Soundzabound and this audio is ok to use on the WWW). Your challenge, should you decide to accept it is to do something similar in HTML5. Keep track of your hours to duplicate this as well. You can use any framework, CSS, JS, and new elements (like <canvas>) that you want. The resulting web page needs to include audio which plays throughout (with the ability to turn it on or off). The text needs to show some sort of transition effect (like the fade in this example).

Should you meet the challenge, post your work and send me a link to it via email. I will review and those who come closest to achieving a similar presentation will receive a grade on 100 on a quiz of their choosing (any one except the final) or a lab assignment. This means you can skip one quiz or lab assignment if you meet the challenge. Obviously, you can take as long as you want to mimic this example (but your work needs to be completed and reviewed by me before May 8, 2012). Assuming you meet the challenge, I will post a link to your work. I will also post the number of hours you spent mimicking this example (so make certain to track your time).

How close can you come to this example? Note – audio starts playing when you click on the link so you might want to turn your speakers down if you are in any sort of shared space.

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