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A challenge to students

We are now in the second week of the semester. I have a challenge for students in my CMWEB classes. I put together a brief slideshow (using PowerPoint and Adobe Captivate) to include audio and transitions. This information came mostly from a Time Magazine article I read over the weekend […]

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Web Based IDEs

Due to some last minute scheduling issues this semester, I almost had to have an open lab in a room with no removable hard drives and the computers locked down to the point where nothing could be installed. Yep, this would make teaching advanced web technologies a bit dicey. As […]

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What is a Web Professional

We are about to start the Spring, 2012 semester where I teach. Our college [Illinois Central College] has been recognized as a Web Professional Academy since 2006 (when the Web Professional Program began). Before we start the semester, I though I would reflect on what it means to me to […]

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