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For those who might get easily bored on this “Black Friday,” I offer the following short post on fun with Google. Just visit and try some of the following search terms. I suppose it should go without saying that you want to use a modern browser (which would not include IE). If you need to see a larger view, just click on any of these images. Yes, I found out about these using… Google.

Do a barrel roll – if you search for this term, the interface will roll once. A screen capture (part way through) is below.

Google doing a barrel roll

askew – as you know, this makes your page slightly off level. A screen capture is below.

Making Google slightly off level

recursion – as you know, this is a function which calls itself. Note the results at Google. Ok, I find this funny – deal with it.

Yes, this is Google calling itself

Google Gravity – choose the “I’m feeling lucky” option as shown below. Results are found in second image below.

Use I'm feeling lucky in Google Gravity search

These are the results

google loco – as always, use the “I’m feeling lucky” option.

Google loco

google 133t – for those who are not familiar with this. 133t is an old term for elite – has been used by script kiddies to show they are hackers. Results of this Google search are below.

Google 133t elite hacker page


ewmew fudd – Just because you can…

ewmew fudd

xx-klingon – yes, your search engine in Klingon

Google in Klingon


Google in pig latin

xx-swedishchef – remember the Swedish Chef form the Muppets?

Google swedish chef from Muppets

Last one – what is the answer to life the universe and everything – If you know me or are familiar with a certain science fiction writer, you can probably guess what this will reveal. No screen capture – look it up yourself.

Ok, your turn… These are the ones I am aware of. What others ones have you discovered at Please update through the comments below.

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