Human Error Terms

Just to be a bit different, I thought I would compile a list of human error terms. Used one of these a couple of days ago and began wondering what others existed. If you have more terms, add them to the list (via a comment). Use these at your own peril in appropriate (or inappropriate) situations.

  • BDU – Brain Dead User
  • EBCAD – Error Between Chair And Desk
  • ESO – Equipment Superior to Operator
  • ID 10 T – pronounced eye dee ten tee (obvious, isn’t it)
  • Layer 8 – OSI networking model has 7 layers (thanks Phil – forgot about that one)
  • ODM – Operator Driven Mechanism (came across this one on urban dictionary)
  • PEBCAK – Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard
  • PICNIC – Problem In Chair, Not In Computer
  • TSTO – Too Stupid To Operate (I found this one on WikiPedia)
  • UBAD – self-explanatory and rarely used (too obvious)

One thought on “Human Error Terms”

  1. In networking, you sometimes hear people talking about the problem being in Layer 8. The OSI model specifies 7 layers. Guess what the 8th is.

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