Hello World PaperVision Example

I took a little time this afternoon to modify an example of some materials provided by lynda.com in a PaperVision course. PaperVision is a class of Actionscript libraries which allow you to do some fairly magical things. Given that I have a limited amount of time (and really should be grading assignments), I made some small modifications to the example. If you examine this “hello world” example, you will encounter two images (both are JPEG files). These are wrapped around a  sphere and a particle field is added for some additional interactivity. Yes, this is a fairly processor heavy example (and may take a moment for the entire file to load and begin playing. Just trying to give students some ideas as to what is possible with Actionscript. Note that this example will open in a new browser window/ tab. I also provide the source code for those who are interested. This was created in Flash Builder 4.

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