Fall, 2010 semester

The fall, 2010 semester starts Monday, August 23 at Illinois Central College. As we begin, I thought it appropriate to share a few thoughts with students taking my classes in the web curriculum.

First (very important)– welcome to class. I am here to help you better understand the material and apply it to real life situations. If you ever have a question about the material, contact me and I will do my best to help. I can employ a number of tools which I can employ to help you better understand the concepts and tools we will be using. If all the materials were easy, why would you need a teacher. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Second (almost equally important) – you are responsible for your future. Since you are taking these classes, I make the assumption you aspire to be a web professional. You are encouraged to develop and enhance your professionalism as part of these classes. For example, do the absolute best you can on each assignment. Do not settle for second best. You may someday wish to include some of these as part of a portfolio of your work. Also, take responsibility for your actions. If you know you will miss a deadline, notify me in advance. As a general rule, I will provide you with extra time. However, if you do not notify me beforehand, you will receive a grade of “unsatisfactory” or a 0 for that assignment. The grade you receive in each class is the grade you earn.

Third – take time to enjoy the class experience. You have the opportunity to interact with your peers. In some courses, we will be working on group projects. In others, you will be working alone, but will still need to interact with others via the discussion forum. Everyone bring a different and unique experience to class. Learn from what others have to offer. I plan to add some social interactions this semester as well (for those who want to participate). I am even thinking of making this an extra credit part of selected courses. Yep, I tend to do something a little different each semester and this would be the first time I am considering extra credit in over a decade.

I hope you are looking forward to this semester as much as I am. For those who are in the East Peoria area, we do have an optional open lab for all CMWEB students on Tuesday and Wednesday nights (from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. in TC 210 – ICC East Peoria campus). If you are able to make it – great. for those outside of the area (or who can not make it on the above nights, I am available via ConnectPro software (so we can share desktop applications). Just contact me to make an appointment.

In a nutshell – enjoy the semester and learn well.

Lastly – For those who are new to the web profession, there is some great advice for beginners at Smashing Magazine. If you are not a beginner, you might want to review the link as well.

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