Weblog Spam

After deleting yet another 9 meaningless comments in this weblog, I must rant yet again on this topic. I realize these are simply bot programs that place meaningless drivel with comments to various sites. For those who care to read this post, there is a simple truth – even if I were to allow the comments, they will not matter one bit in the larger scheme. Only a fool would actually follow the nonsense. And, more importantly, major search engines (like Google) now completely ignore web log comments and their embedded links. So the only reason for posting such drivel is not valid. There is no way random strings of words will actually increase search engine ranking of any site. Over the few years this weblog has been active, there have been 1,637 attempts to inject drivel. None have succeeded. The majority are caught by filters I have installed; the rest are removed once a month. I am curious if readers of these thoughts have additional insights as to why weblog spam continues. Yes, I will approve actual insightful comments.

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