Traditional and WWW classes

Some ICC students received a phone call this week indicating that their enrollment in the traditional version of a class had been canceled and they were being enrolled in the WWW version of the same class. We needed to combine sections for some courses. Since some students live well out of district (and would not be able to participate in the traditional class), we typically combine into the WWW version of a course. That being said, I will still be on campus the nights there would have been a traditional class (for CMWEB 150 – Wednesday night from 6 – 9:35 p.m. and CMWEB 200 – Tuesday night from 6 – 9:35 p.m.). If you are able to be on campus at that time (and enrolled in the course), stop by TC 210. It is often much easier to take a class in person than trying to do the same via the WWW. If you are in the vicinity of East Peoria but can not make it for the “traditional” class, feel free to stop by during my office hours (or at another mutually convenient time) if you have questions about the course material.

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