WorldSkills Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony for WorldSkills was held on the day after competitions ended (C+1). This event was broadcast throughout the world. Overall, Brasil scored the most medals. The U.S. got a Bronze medal in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Lauryn Erickson received the “Best of Nation” medal – she received the highest score among U.S. competitors. All scores in WorldSkills are normalized to the same scale after the judges have finished their work. Here is Lauryn with her medal (photo taken at Chicago airport as we were saying goodby to all competitors).


For web design – Brasil earned gold, Australia earned silver, Iran and Korea earned bronze. There was a large turnout and the noise in the arena was deafening.

People in arena

Overall, it was a very interesting trip. I plan at least one more post covering my insights about the competitions and more. I hope you found this series of posts interesting and informative (and helpful as the events happened). As always, I look forward to your comments.

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