WorldSkills C4

Last day of the competition (C4). It was a very long day so I am posting this the following day. Actually, I did not get back to the hotel until 12:45 a.m. so I could not have posted yesterday even if I wanted to. For those who would like to know what the challenges were – here they are. If you are a current or former CMWEB student, I encourage you to try them out. Remember, no Internet, no templates, you write the code. You have either 2 hours or 3 hours to complete the module. You must step away from your computer once time is up. Are you up for the final challenges?

While competitors were working on the modules, we finalized the technical description for this skill for Abu Dhabi (2017 – the next time we will meet at WorldSkills). We votes and approved the changes (this was all done electronically). We also selected the Chief Expert and Deputy Chief Expert (Jeff and Jarred were re-elected for another term). Competitors signed the health and safety checklist. All experts had to complete the marking for all entries (and we had to sign off on the results). At our final session, all experts received their WorldSkills Expert Pin (they are pretty nice). Lastly, we presented Gabriel and Dan with some shirts and other items to express our appreciation for all their hard work. Obviously, we covered a lot in one day.

Let me share with you again, the scale of this event. This is a truck delivering bottled water for Day C4. Keep in mind there were multiple trucks and we had a lot of people pass through the venue again on C4.

Bottledd water delivery

The event opened to the public again about 10 a.m. These are the crowds on the final day (near web design).

Crowds at Anhembi Park

I did have a chance to see some of the final projects (during a lull in our expert activities). Here is one of the final baking projects (yes, all is done in bread – note the detail).

Bread at WorldSkills

Once the competition ended, we took a group photo of all the competitors. Let me just say these people are all winners. They stepped up to the challenge and proved they are very capable. I would recommend hiring any of the competitors in a heartbeat.

WorldSkills web design competitors

The gold medal winner of the 2013 WorldSkills web design competition (held in Leipzig) visited the group and shared his thoughts.

WorldSkills 2013 web design winner

I managed to get a photo of Nick with both Jeff (Chief Expert) and Jarred (Deputy Chief Expert).

Jeff, Jarred, and Nick

Here is a picture of me with Nick at his workstation (he was backing up his files to take with him after the competition).

Mark and Nick at WorldSkills

And, the web design competition is officially over. Closing ceremonies are Sunday night. We then fly back to the U.S. on Monday  (arriving Tuesday afternoon). Doubt I will be on campus Wednesday Рit has been an intense few weeks. I plan to post some notes about the closing ceremony. I will also post some notes about my overall impressions of the competition. This really is the equivalent of the Olympics for career and technical education. No sooner were we finished with our competition, they started rolling up the carpet and preparing for the next event.

Anhembi  cleanup

I hope readers are enjoying these posts. I have met a number of new friends and anticipate future communications with many in anticipation for the 2017 Abu Dhabi WorldSkills. I really appreciate the opportunity to be here among my peers. Look for a couple of additional posts over the next few days. As always, I look forward to your comments.

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